Monday, 10 October 2011

Keaton Henson - You Don't Know How Lucky You Are

The promo's now online!
I'm incredibly thankful to everyone that helped me make this happen.

Starring - Sophie Thompson

Produced and Directed by David Wilson
Written by Keaton Henson and David Wilson

Executive Producer - Tamsin Glasson

Director of Photography - Richard Stewart
1st Assistant Director - William Williamson
Styling - Laura Clayton

Edit - James Rose at Cut&Run

Focus Puller - Murren Tullet
Camera Assistant - Andy Lawrence
Grip - Daniel Levaida
Clapper Loader - Jack Johns

Colourist - Luke Morrison at The Mill

Catering and Wardrobe Assistant - Jane Wilson
Driver and Runner - Nick Wilson

Addition thanks to Bart Yates, Michelle Jaffe, Del Jones at Arri, Rosalind Waite at the Duchy of Cornwall, Sue Halse at Dartmoor National Park Authority, Flora Brudenell-Bruce and the residents of Higher Natsworthy Farm, Collin and Dave our amazing tractor drivers, Angels Costumiers, Rachel Rumbold, Cath Short, Serena Noorani, The Mill, Emma Devonshire and Vonnett Alexander at Deluxe Soho, and Blink Productions.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Keaton Henson Poster

It's coming. It's complete. It was clocked and laid to tape on Friday afternoon.
It's just down to web-exclusives and business talk to see what day this week the promo will go live on the internet.

Stay tuned!


Behind the Scenes on Metronomy

I was lucky enough to have Andy Lawrence as a member of crew on my last 2 promos (Metronomy 'The Bay', and the new Keaton Henson 'You Don't Know How Lucky You Are).
It's well worth checking out his blog at regular intervals. He takes his camera to every shoot, grabbing some awesome behind-the-scene snaps.

Here's some from the Metronomy promo...