Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Best Things About Having "The Fame" by Lady Gaga on 12" Vinyl...

The fact that I got it for £8 off eBay, and this....

I'm a loser

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Culture Show Wallace & Gromit Special

An hour of pure unadulterated animation appreciation.
Click on Gromit below to a link to BBC iPlayer to watch


However, I was slightly disappointed of Screening Room's heavy focus on Aladdin, and not mentioning the "whale" sequence from Pinnochio (unfortuately this hasn't got the AMAZING bit with the whale's tail crashing into the ocean), but the amount of detail that goes into the animated waves and water is astounding...

But a brilliant excuse to get wrapped up in applauding the hours of painstaking work the technique involves, and when done right, I believe, is truely the ultimate artform;

Monday, 23 November 2009

Saman Keshavarz

So, I went to BUG at the BFI last week (it's my monthly fix of ace new music promos on the big screen).
This piece by new comer (and 23 year old) Saman Keshavarz for Cinnamon Chasers is totally awesome. It starts off like a standard POV video, but stick with it, it gets reeeeeal good.


Saturday, 21 November 2009

Kyle Bean

My good friend Kyle Bean has just blown my mind with his HAND CRAFTED card work for Police Dog Hogan's new EP.





Friday, 20 November 2009

Ramona Falls - I Say Fever

Fabulous animation by Stefan Nadelman


Sunday, 15 November 2009


A nice little piece in this month's Dazed and Confused magazine!




Thursday, 12 November 2009

I Want It That Way

This is awesome. A totally brilliant use of multiple webcams.
One of those ideas where you're gutted not to have done it before.
BIG thanks to Rob Rowley for forwarding me this one.


Tuesday, 10 November 2009


It actually hurts to love Gaga this much.
Blown away yet again by her amazingness.
Good direction by Francis Lawrence.
GREAT styling by Haus of Gaga


Jarvis + Son

The cutest father/son combo ever?


Monday, 9 November 2009

RIP Jerry Fuchs

Today brings really sad news... Jerry Fuchs (drummer for !!! (Chk Chk Chk), Turing Machine, Maserati, and The Juan Maclean) has died at the age of 34 in a horrifically tragic accident.
According to the New York Post, Fuchs died after trying to leap from a freight elevator at a charity fund-raiser event in NYC on Saturday night.

Jerry Fuchs, 34, who drummed for West Coast dance-punk band !!! (pronounced "chk chk chk") and the Georgia-based psychedelic instrumental ensemble Maserati, tumbled five stories shortly after 12:30 a.m. inside 338 Berry St., cops said.

"It's a manual freight elevator, and it stopped somewhere above the fifth floor," said Buildings Department spokesman Tony Sclafani.

Sources said Fuchs and his pal opened the elevator door and attempted to jump the 3 to 4 feet separating the elevator from the fifth floor.

He fell and landed at the bottom of the shaft. He was rushed to Bellevue Hospital, where he died at 3:30 a.m.The friend landed safely, but a piece of Fuchs' clothing caught on the elevator, causing him to be yanked backward as he jumped, sending him swinging back into the crevice separating the elevator from the fifth floor.

So unbelievably sad.



Saturday, 7 November 2009


It's a Saturday, so I've got 2 extraordinary cakes just for you...

Tom Selick...

and the Millennium Falcon...


Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Adriano Celentano

So, it's not proper English. Infact it's gobbledigoop. But I love it.


Sunday, 1 November 2009

Adam Powell

I really like his new video for Jamie T...