Sunday, 30 November 2008

Jamie Brown

London-based illustrator Jamie Brown has a new website, and it looks pretty spectacular. He's been very busy recently, so check out what he's been getting up to, and get him to decorate your walls now! 


Friday, 28 November 2008

It's Britney Bitch...

So, Britney's back with a new album, and she's (supposedly) going to making a surprise appearance at London's G-A-Y tomorrow night. 
Crazy, crazy times. 
To celebrate such a global superstar playing in such a tiny sweaty venue I'm posting up Emily Brown's fantastic Ode to Britney. Created just weeks after Britney's famous head shaving incident, this fine artists bold statement on the influence of celebrity has been getting some quite outspoken reactions on YouTube (it's worth following the video's link to check them out).


Late of the Pier Conclusion...

I've just got back. Ears are still ringing.
Heaven is a dirty venue, and surprisingly intimate (considering LOTP's next outing in the capital is at the Forum). The keyboardist Potter is still as handsome as ever.
I missed Golden Filter 'cus I was at the bar, and I missed Erol Alkan 'cus I danced myself stupid during Late of the Pier's performance.
Still as energetic, and they're now an even tighter musical machine. They even threw in a fantastic reworking of Bathroom Gurgle at the end. 
All in all, a wonderful night out, and deserves another mention.



Thursday, 27 November 2008

Late of the Pier

So, their honey-moon period with the cool kids may now be over (it tends to happen when the album's released), but Late of Pier are still a bloody exciting live experience.
Their album, Fantasy Black Channel, is one of my albums of the year. Fantastically innovative, and genuinely exciting, it's difficult to believe they're all pretty much fresh out of puberty.
I'm off to see them at Heaven tonight. With support coming from the new talk of the town; Golden Filter, and DJ sets from Erol Alkan and Metronomy it should be a pretty big one - I expect to have burst ear drums by the morning.
For the time being I'll leave you with a link to the fantastically frantic Boys Noize remix of LOTP's track "Focker".
Play it loud!


Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Kith Kin

Looking for a unique Christmas gift? Check out the awesome Kith Kin website.
This collective of designers are running a very special swap shop this weekend in Covent Garden, so if you're in central London, go check it out!
This particular product, appropriately title Abu Hanger, is designed by another David Wilson (what are the chances!). I studied at St Martins with this lovely chap - we were in the same class; it got very confusing.



Charlie Brooker's Screen Wipe

So, I was enjoying Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe last night, and I thought I'd share my enjoyment of the show by posting a good YouTube clip of the show on my blog this morning.
Instead, I'm posting a clip from QVC...


Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Chris Pell

A very talented young illustrator from Brighton. Producing some stunning work in his final year of study. He's currently working on a new music video, which is very exciting news. Watch this space to see what the result is.



YouTube Goes Widescreen

I've noticed today that in the space of one evening YouTube has slipped into new dimensions. Instead of being 4:3 it is now in 16:9. Meaning that viral creators can now work in widescreen without the worry that there work will be shrunk to a miniscule size by YouTube's ugly letter boxing.

To celebrate I thought I'd post up my favourite viral of this week (which seems to be posting in 4:3)...


I Did It With You, and Now It Hurts When I Pee

The corner stone of every great rock song...

I want to do it with you



I come from an illustration background; studying the subject for three years at the University of Brighton from 2004-2007. 
One of my classmates that continually caught my eye across classroom (with her work, and wardrobe!) was a young lady called Francesca "Bunny" Williams
Check out her insane Map of Hair Metal.


This Tiny World

My first post about an exhibition, and it's a corker.
This Little World runs from today until the 19th December and features work by my good friends Hannah Waldron and Sarah Fotheringham as well as the supremely talented Jim Stoten and Claire Scully.
Miss it at your peril


Monday, 24 November 2008

Christmas Lights

Ok, so this has got over 1 million YouTube views, but it's still bloody brilliant.
I've was doing some research for a little Christmas project this evening when I came across this.
The track is called "Wizards in Winter" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I think they're pretty big in the U.S.
It's only a month away people! Time to get into the Christmas spirit.

Let the blogging begin...

This is starting off as a little personal experiment - who knows where it may lead. 

I do have a website (, but that's always a hassle to update, and is quite a formal form of communication. I've been enticed by the idea of a blog for quite some time now, but it's always just remained one of those things to tick off my list - until now!

I am a music video and commercials director currently living in London, England.
My manifesto for this blog is to post things that catch my eye from the real world, and from cyberspace.  I'll try my best to keep the entries frequent with minimum filler - so please tell me if I venture off this trajectory.

Welcome to the world of me