Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Laura Pannack

Every now and again life makes interesting little twists and turns.
Tonight I met Laura Pannack at the D&AD Student Sharp'ner event that we both talked at.
I'd known Laura for years via mutual friends from Brighton (where we both studied). I don't think we ever met when we were living in that city, but we met numerous times when our mutual friends came up to visit London and we all met up.

I knew she was a photographer, but not much more.
Well, it turns out I've been following her work without putting a face to the images.

I'm an almost obsessional follower of the Guardian Weekend Magazine. The magazine's featured Laura's work numerous time over the past year, including a big article on her brilliant ongoing documentation of YBN (Young British Naturists), which I felt was one of the most fascinating, and beautifully captured photographic collections I saw last year.

Sensitivity and human empathy is at the forefront of her personality and work. I'm really excited about all of her ongoing and future projects.

Phew! It really does go to show, you sometimes never know who you're sharing a pint with.

Just beautiful work.


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