Friday, 9 January 2009

Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

I went to the Battersea Arts Centre on Wednesday to witness one of the final performances of "Between the Devil and Deep Blue Sea" by 1927. It was an absolutely brilliant evening of entertainment. The format was a series of short, surreal, dark and very twisted stories, with live naration accompanied by a very small cast of two actors interacting with a projected animations live on stage - to whisk you off to 1927's dark realms of their imagination.
Highlights include a story a fairytale land that gets a horrific overturn by the devil (that looks like Tony Hart), a baboon playing a piano, and a demonic army of gingerbread men - think Enid Blyton, mixed with Buster Keaton, Tim Burton, The Mighty Boosh, and Monty Python.

You can watch an interview (and more clips of the show) on the link to The Guardian website HERE.

All final London shows are now sold out, but they have released two more late night shows - tonight and Saturday - so BOOK QUICK!!


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