Monday, 2 February 2009

Brody's Back!!

I'm a bit excited that Brody Dalle's back. For those of you that need a bit more information than just a name, Brody Dalle has been a major figurehead for girls in punk rock for well over a decade. Originally from Australia, Brody started her first punk rock band (Sourpuss) at the age of 16, during her time in this band she met and married Tim Armstrong from Rancid. Sourpuss disbanded and she then went on to start The Distillers. In 2002 Armstrong and Dalle divorced, Brody then encrypted their gritty breakup into The Distillers final album, the seminal 'Coral Fang'. The Distillers ended, and Brody regained happiness by finding her current husband Josh Homme (the front man from the amazing Queens of the Stone Age), and lots of people assumed she'd disappeared, having babies and being wife-y happily ever after, until now!
So after a few years of absence she's back with her new band Spinnerrette. Although on first listen the band doesn't have anywhere near as much as bite and grit as The Distillers once had, my ears really pricked up when I heard this Adam Freeland remix of their track Sex Bomb.
Check it out!



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