Tuesday, 3 March 2009

RIP Dynamite Boogaloo

After 17 years as one of the cornerstones of Brighton nightlife closed its doors for the final time on Saturday night. Dynamite Boogaloo was one of the craziest queer nights in the city, even I feel it got a little bit too big for its boots a few years ago; loosing a hell of a lot (if not all) of its edge when it moved out of The Joint and into Audio. In its heyday it provided the much needed antidote to the house/trance/ecstasy-crazed sweat pit that was the Brighton gay scene, and reminded you how much fun cabaret really is.
Its "stars" Boogaloo Stu, Dynamite Sal, Dolly Rocket, and Le Gateau Chocolat are still going strong, and will shine bright for years to come, but the big gay umbrella they used to gather under every Thursday night has finally folded.

To sing us out here's Le Gateau Chocolat singing "The Sound Of Music" at Tate Britain.


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