Friday, 3 July 2009


Now, it's not very often that I get politically minded, but tomorrow is an important day, and I feel as if I should use my blog just to say a little thing about it.
The right to be openly gay is an issue that shouldn't be taken for granted. It is a basic human right for people to not be afraid of who they are, or who they love, and yet there are still literally thousands of people on this planet that are still struggling against this inner battle due to prejudice, discrimination, mis-education, and (in certain countries) the law.

I'm not talking about sex or life style, I'm just talking about is the freedom for a person to say how they feel.

It's important to realise that no person can choose who they fall in love with, or which gender they are attracted to, and not being provided with an outlet to openly talk about those feelings can become like a ticking time-bomb. For a closeted person, those three words "I am gay" still holds the (sometimes very real) potential of their whole world crumble around them. By saying those three words, they still face the very real risk of loosing the love and support of their parents, family, and friends, and it really shouldn't be that way.
The pressure of living a closeted life creates an every day struggle for thousands of people around the world; of society vs. sexuality, and it can create an inner conflict that can drive them to deep depression, or even suicide.

This needs to stop.

Please show your support and open acceptance of LGBT people by marching at this year's London Pride.


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