Friday, 16 October 2009


My new Little Boots promo for "Earthquake"...

NB. Please pay particular attention to the second verse where we've created a stroboscopic effect by synchronizing the frame rate of the camera to that of dripping stream of water. Each droplet is unique, but has been captured in mid-air with such precision that it gives the impression of a single droplets being held mid flight. This effect was not created through stop-motion animation techniques, or through computer trickery, but was matched live on set with a camera turning over at 12 frames per second in order to allow the artist to lip-sync and interact with the water in real time.
And I'm really proud of it :-)

Director - David Wilson
Producer - Tamsin Glasson
Production Company - Colonel Blimp
Commisioned by Tim Nash at Atlantic / 679
Director of Photography - Will Bex
Art Direction - Emma Roach
Styling - Steven Westgarth
Water-Droplet Effects - Complete Fabrication
Telecine - Aubrey Woodiwiss
Flame Artist - Judy Roberts at Munky
After Effects Artist - Christopher Bristow at Munky

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