Sunday, 14 December 2008

Red Piano

"I'd rather have an Alsation bite off my cock than watch that show"
Elton John, the O2 Arena last night, sharing his opinion of the X Factor with the O2 audience.

Last night I was lucky enough to catch Elton John's mind blowing spectacle that is his Red Piano tour at London's O2 Arena.
From the clips I had seen and knowing that fantastic David LaChappelle had art directed the whole thing, I knew I was in for a visual and audio treat, and I wasn't let down.
The whole thing was an explosion of colour and campness. Elton played a great set list, playing an (almost) greatest hits set, and thankfully excluding all those 90s horrors (Circle of Life anyone?), and focusing more on his early career.
Every song was accompanied my a specialy comissioned video played on the massive screens behind him, as well as a constant stream of wierd and wonderful giant inflatable sculptures (including a pair of giant breasts, and an explosion of falic imagery, glitter and balloons).
Highlights included LaChapelle's beautifully directed video accompliments to Daniel and Someboday Saved my Life tonight, as well as some stunning vintage rotascoping work from Intro London.
A special mention should also go to some celebrity guest stars in these videos, including Justin Timberlake playing a young Elton for the visuals that accompanied Rocket Man, and Pamela Anderson doing a quite spectacular pole dance routine to accompany The Bitch Is Back.

Credit to Jess Therese for the photos.




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