Saturday, 16 May 2009

HotBreathKaraoke - Foreign Tongues


I went to HotBreathKaraoke's annual extravaganza that is "Foreign Tongues" at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club last night. It's their equivilant of Eurovision, and it f**king rocked!
Loud, camp, and completely uncontrollable. Acts included...

From Norway; the gothic symphonic heavy metal of Tearhammer!
From Monaco; the smooth as silk cocktail yacht rock of Premier Cru!
From Czech Republic; streewise farmboy puppet funk masters International Live MCs!
From Georgia; exotic eastern ringtones telepop provided by Emotikon!
From Switzerland; the Alpine rock-a-billy fondue party that is Ricky Raclette!
And Santos and Pepe; a muy caliente bullfighter flamenco pop from Spain!!


It was great! I even got an ice cream from the 2008 Foreign Tongues champions Neopolitan from Italy.

What a treat!


James Hobson said...

You didn't write about Moldova! I'm beginning to think Ben and myself were the only people who voted them as the best. ROBBED!

David Wilson Creative said...

I thought Ben voted for Monaco as the best.