Monday, 11 May 2009

What's My Age Again?

It's happened.
The genre of music that first shaped my teenage ears has become "retro".
Every Saturday at uber-cool-pub/venue Old Blue Last in Shoreditch is a night called "What's My Age Again"; a whole evening dedicated to pop-punk. Think Kerrang! circa 2001; think baggy shorts, think Blink 182, Pennywise, NOFX, Jimmy Eat World, Less Than Jake, think listening to this all on a discman!
For one I'll be embracing this move. It seems to be a once-a-month event at the moment, but I'll be there in June, with a black studded belt, my faded Warped Tour tshirt, shorts down to my ankles, and Eastpak rucksack haning over my arse.
They just better play Alkaline Trio...

("watched flies FUCK on channel 11!" Hell-friggin-yes!)


James Hobson said...

What I don't get is if you still want to listen to this genre of music, why are you not seeking it out now? It's still out there...

David Wilson Creative said...

Certain albums take me back to certain times and places. I have a good selection of pop-punk albums that take me back to good places in my formative teenage years.

In terms of your assumption that I'm completely not interested in seeking out punk music now, I'd really like to hear what pop-punk bands you're listening to that are producing great music at the moment, 'cus I'm only listening to ones that are (or are related to) those old bands I like (with a few exceptions).

I guess it's 'cus over time, I get introduced to a lot more bands, and other genres become new and exciting. I guess those bands that seem "more fresh" to me have a tendancy to push the interest in those old genres back to the way-side a bit.

Having said that, out of the pop-punk bands I was listening to when I was 16, I still follow Alkaline Trio, Blink 182 (Angels and Airwaves), Foo Fighters, Brody Dale (Distillers/Spinnerette), NOFX, and Jimmy Eat World in everything they do. I always make sure I listen to their new albums, despite some of them being past their prime (Alkaline Trio!! Cummon!).
(I dropped following The Offsrping and Less Than Jakes' recent offereings, as I felt there went appawlingly bad a few years ago - I look forward to be proven wrong!).

Fresh/new bands I'm following in this vague punk genre-area = The Steel, The Aquabats and Spinnerette. Oh, and of course, Fall Out Boy! Dance Dance!!
So not a huge amount, but as I said, I'm struggling.
And anyway, who says there's any rules about music :P

Bring on the Spinnerette concert in July btw!

I hope that answered your question. Booo me for being lazy, but there are only so many hours in the day. Wing me a new "Enema Of The State" and I will love you!