Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Moray McLaren Update...

So, LOTS of stuff has been going on with the Moray McLaren promo recently...

- 27th April = Premiered at Short & Sweet Film Night, Brick Lane, London
- 14th + 22nd May = Screening as part of BUG (The Evolution of the Music Video) at the BFI, Southbank, London
- 23rd May = Opening of "Nation Of Shopkeepers" pub in Leeds. The promo will be projected as part of the pub's window display.
- 30th May = 49th Krakow Film Festival, Kijow, Centrum Cinema.
- 4th June = Lecture, Exhibition, and Screening of Moray McLaren work as part of SeeNoEvil at Bodhi Gallery, Brick Lane

... and there's some potential of the promo being taken around the UK music festivals (Green Man, Latitude, Bestival etc.) by Short and Sweet.

It's been featured in the following blogs Motionographer, Creative Review, Boing Boing, Kanye West, Creativity. I've been interviewed in the June issue of Creativity (US), File Magazine (what used to be Specialten), and HitsPaper in Japan. Plus, I'm already in Stash DVD Magazine (US).

Exciting? Just a bit!

Oh, and you're only a couple of weeks away from the follow up to Moray! Yeah!


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