Monday, 8 June 2009

Brighton Graduate Show

So, it's that time of year again... it's the graduate shows.
I'm going to try and pop down to the Brighton show sometime this week (it runs until Friday), and pay a visit to my old college.
I've just been checking out their graduate show website though, and dear GOD there are some killers.
Here's my pick of the bunch...

Rob Matthews


I jumped out of my seat when I saw how cool this idea was, and how beautifully it's been executed.

Kyle Bean


The history of the mobile phone in russian-doll form! F**king KILLER!

Chris Pell


Chris' warped aztec-infused illustrations are always a winner (Chris, if you're reading this... I still need to pick up that screen print from you!)

Kieron Johnson


Beautiful linocuts

Richard Carey


Mmmm... formulaic.

Ben Strachan


Really awesome observational work

Right, I'm off to up my game before these guys come and take my job!


James Hobson said...

I discarded the idea of producing a massive Wikipedia in favour of my burnt encyclopedia. Doubt I could have executed it that well though.

I'm also pissed off as I've been thinking recently about doing a photographic study of the underground.

chris said...

shoulda woulda coulda

i think ben's photographs are ridiculous. so good.

give me a ring when your next in brighton david. if not im selling the prints at the ldn show.