Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Horrors

As I'm on a musical note today, I just wanted to post a link upto this.
I have been taken aback by how much The Horrors have changed in between albums. I never got into them and their debut, mainly because their I felt their untamed scream-filled riot seemed a bit forced and fake, and the media circus that erupted around them seemed a little unjust. Having said that, Sheena is Parasite, and Count In Fives were a bit rockin'!
However, haven been given some space to breath, and the pressure taken off, the band seemed to have blossomed with maturity. Farris has found a voice, and the guitarists have found the reverb button.
Their new album's a blinder! Creating a mix of physodelic 80s goth rock. Think The Cure, think Killing Joke, think Joy Division. Mmmmm... lovely. Here's my favourite track, Sea Within a Sea, found at the very end of the album.


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