Tuesday, 9 June 2009

We Have Promo!

Good morning everyone!
So, my newest promo for We Have Band has officially been unleashed onto the world.
Shot over a 2 and a half day period, this was a bit of an epic undertaking. All shot using real face paint, and a lot of patience, we see the band members descending into an increasingly messy state as the music continues to get darker and darker.
A big thumbs up to the band (Darren, Dede and Tom) for being super awesome about us painting on their faces for approx 32 hours!

For a high-res quicktime CLICK HERE

Please make sure you watch the making of...

Would love to hear your thoughts.


msm said...

like it very much & blogged it here: http://videos.antville.org/stories/1909214/#comments

David Wilson Creative said...

Thanks dude.

chris said...

lovely stuff, like the face painting stuff obv haha, love it when the face starts going into repetitive cycles with the paint.